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It’s here! The epic, amazing, and tearbending trailer for the final Legend of Korra season has arrived. Check it out and reblog with your best reaction gif.



Did you really feel bad for me? You really do have a good heart!

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reference for iwatobi parents

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New College Student, Makoto Tachibana

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Diamond Window Cube Ring
designed by Unknown

So I found a tutorial over YouTube, it’s a Cube Ring Tutorial, it’s made from another tutorial (for the cubes) at Instructables, which is the Diamond Window Cube. So basically, this guy had an idea to make the cubes into a ring!

Basically, I found this a really good challenge, especially since I’m on break.

So there’s 144 pieces of paper. From the square papers in the first photo, I cut all pieces into 4. That’s 12 pieces per color, and there’s 12 colors.

Making the cubes and linking them wasn’t hard …

UNTIL I got to the last part, I had to connect the purple to the dark pink. It took me almost 2 hours! I tried putting the 3 pieces of the dark pink in the purple, but when I start to connect the two, it falls apart inside the purple cube.

I really contemplated whether or not to use glue on it. But I told myself that I have never cheated in origami before and I’m not about to start now. NO GLUE.

So what I did is I used my really mini office clips (the black ones with the metal prongs), I clipped the corner so it doesn’t fall apart then inserted into the purple.

After that I continued to connect the two and it didn’t fall apart. So my problem after I finished was how to take out the two clips. And it was so mind boggling. Huhu. Until I took the chance and pried one corner of the purple to reach the clip, and then the other, and I successfully got out both of them.

I’m proud of this one.

Now, to search for another challenging modular origami or kusudama. :D


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Pac Man quilt.

Damn This Game

My boyfriend downloaded Papers, Please onto my computer last night.  I am so super addicted you don’t even know.  This is like my ideal version of a pass the time casual game.  I’m just sitting here and looking for discrepancies while appreciating the serious political undertones.


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New Video! Got so many requests to make something Sailor Moon themed on Nerdy Nummies today! 

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